Matt Devereux

Matt DevereuxMatt Devereux is a Canadian traveller who left his homeland at 17 to see the rest of the world.

And he did just that! In the midst of his travels he often settled in Munich where he would work as he saved money for his next journey. Now, he has been living in Munich for 27 years…and performing stand up for 15 of them. Despite speaking Deutsch he performs his stand up in English because (as he says) „Its alot faster and the Deutschen enjoy it more !“ He currently runs and hosts the „Friday Night Live“ Open Stage in Cord Club every week. As well as hosting the 3 Minute Madness show (which has been running for 10 years) and Comedy radio program for Radio Substanz. His comedy derives from Living, drinking and working in Germany…the people and situations he has encountered, and the obscure, manic comparisons he makes with the other countries he has visited.


  • Verschiedene Firmenfeiern seit 2013
  • Comedy-Events: das lustige Wohnzimmer, Open Stage, 3 minutes madness,
  • 06.11.2015 Theater Zelt „Das Schloss“ – Comedy Club München:


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